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Post-Secondary Education

Kaho`iwai is a center for adult teaching and learning within Kanu o ka ʻĀina Learning ʻOhana (KALO).


Kaho`iwai is a physical location in Manoa Valley and literally means the ‘return of the water’. Metaphorically, the name refers to the return of ancestral knowledge.


Our Mission is to improve indigenous educational experiences in Hawaiʻi so that youth, adults, and communities engage in a deeper and more purposeful way to live, grow, and create. In attending to this mission Kaho`iwai provides education and training services following a community adult education tradition. The approach does not provide solutions, but enables individuals to create change through the development of tools and skill sets. ʻĀina based education supports this process. ʻĀina based education is essentially culturally driven place-based learning and is often described as culture based education.


The Center delivers:

  • A post-Baccalaureate certificate of teacher education, nationally accredited through the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC);
  • In collaboration with Chaminade University, a Masters in Education Leadership focusing on the needs of Administrators in Native Hawaiian Focused Charter Schools.  The program is delivered by instructors with strong connections to the Hawaiian education movement and community.  Specific content includes: Administration; Leadership; Law; Communication; Community Relations; Finance; Curriculum; Research; Peace and Social Justice; and, a Capstone Project. The program is 33 credits total. 


Certificate training in:

  • Leadership,
  • Program development,
  • Presentation skills,
  • Trainer development, and,
  • Professional development in scaffolding an indigenous educational framework.


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 2017 Masters in Education Leadership