Kanu o ka Aina Learning Ohana


Facilities funding has been a long-standing issue for charter schools in Hawaii. Start-up charter schools have paid the costs of their facilities from their limited operational funds since 2000. This year charter schools received about $6,000 per pupil while Department of Education schools receive an average of about $12,000 per pupil. The state public charter school commission is currently planning a facilities pilot project for the allocation of funds to various charter schools for small-scale facilities projects based, in part, on the “need and performance” of the charter schools. The commission has allocated $680,000 of 2013 federal impact aid to this pilot program despite an Attorney General opinion that federal impact aid funds cannot be used for this purpose.

We are trying to collect signatures to demonstrate to the US DOE that we have a problem with Hawaii's Race to the Top grant and the state of Hawaii's obligation to ensure equal funding to Hawaii's charter schools.
A representative of Hawaii's Charter Schools is hoping to present this petition to Arne Duncan soon. He has a meeting with him in late May  to discuss our funding concerns.

Can you please sign the petition at this link. http://wh.gov/ldRZV We will also be presenting this petition to the State BOE.

If you have never signed a White House petition before you will need to create an account. It is a very simple process.
Mahalo for your time and effort for this great cause.