Kanu o ka Aina Learning Ohana

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About Us » Vision/Mission/Values


Kanu o ka 'Āina Learning ʻOhana (KALO) and its partners are working to establish
an autonomous, holistic, education environment for the children of Hawaiʻi:
grounding every child and adult in the values that have shaped and empowered
Hawaiians for generations; involving every member of the Hawaiian community in
determining his/her educational path and preparing every child of Hawaiʻi to thrive
in the modern world, free from oppression and with pride for our heritage.

Serving and perpetuating sustainable Hawaiian communities through Education with Aloha

  • Aloha kekahi i kekahi (Love one another) – Respect for all of our relations;value of cultivating relationships; consideration of how your actions affect everyone, including those you don’t know; expansion of life-affirming traditions and ways of knowing.
  • Mālama i kou kuleana (Take care of your responsibilities) – Taking care of kuleana (responsibilities) at the individual, familial, community, nation/world level.
  • Mālama ‘āina, as in actively taking care of the living systems that sustain us.
  • Kuleana to transform things that are not pono (good, just, in balance etc…) at the appropriate time in an appropriate manner.
  • Kōkua aku, kōkua mai, pēlā ihola ka nohona ʻohana (Give help, receive help, that is the way of family) – Actively looking for ways to help one another, and allowing yourself to be; interconnected in family, in all worlds (physical/spiritual, etc…); community empowerment through collaboration.
  • Mahalo i ka mea loaʻa (Be thankful for what we have) – Perpetuation of life-sustaining practices and ancestral knowledge that has been passed down; cultural efficacy; incorporation of ‘Ōlelo Hawaiʻi.
  • Kūlia i ka nu’u, i ka paepae kapu ‘o Līloa (Strive to reach the summit, the sacred platform of Līloa) – Strive to reach your highest potential; Ethic of seeking excellence; Exhibition of mastery; ‘ike a’o, learning through the process of giving/receiving knowledge, and specifically for teachers, by reflecting, adapting and being flexible in the teaching context.
  • E mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono (The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness) – Show respect and love for the Akua, ‘aumakua, kūpuna, kānaka, and the ‘āina;. Seek to restore Hawaiʻi’s sovereignty, including self-determination in education, by living pono and practicing cultural traditions like asking forgiveness, following protocols, and embodying Hawaiian values.